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TIBCO Statistica Comprehensive

TIBCO Statistica™ Comprehensive enables advanced analytics to be embedded everywhere and empower more people. Allows users to execute ad-hoc analytics with scientific graphs and plots. In addition, use the code-free, drag-and-drop workspace to create analytic workflows. Users can also create code nodes in Spark, Python, C#, R, or Visual Basic. It contains analytics for researching designs with both fixed and random effects, descriptive statistics, forecasting, regression, exploratory data analysis, quality control, multivariate statistical process control (SPC), design of experiments (DOE), and business rules engine. Also contains advanced analytics options for binning predictors based on weight of evidence, process optimization for manufacturing, root cause analysis, supervised and unsupervised machine learning algorithms, automated neural networks, text mining, model deployment in PMML, Java, C#, SQL, stored procedures and SAS. OSIsoft PI connector is also included. Product comes with governance; roles based security, metadata management, versioning/approving, model management, audit trail and electronic signature capture. Monitoring processes is critical in this industry so the TIBCO Statistica™ Monitoring & Alerting Server is included. The TIBCO Statistica™ Data Entry Server is included to deal with the common manual data entry challenge.

  • Updated: 26-Nov-2018


  • What are the download options?
  • There are two ways you can download products.
    1. 1) Full Product with Download Manager: This option will download all required files for the product as one package.
    2. 2) Individual file download: This option lets you select specific files one at a time. This option uses standard HTTP method.
  • Where can I find earlier software versions?
  • TIBCO's policy is to fulfill all product orders with the latest product versions. Earlier product versions can be requested through TIBCO Customer Support. Please note that all requests are subject to review and approval.

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